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Construction Process and Methods

The IBPM - Research area Construction and Construction Process Engineering sees itself as an interface between application-oriented research, teaching and the development of construction-related innovations on construction sites.

The research area is characterized by practical engineering research and should continue to make a significant contribution to the expansion of knowledge and innovation transfer between the faculty's research activities and society in the future.

The Faculty's development plan 2019 provides for the first research focus “Modeling in civil engineering” that analyzes of construction methods and construction processes as well as the management of construction projects in connection with contractual aspects should be intensified until 2025.

The aim is to publish in internationally recognized journals, to continue successfully designing national and international research projects, and to keep teaching and standardization up to date. For these projects, the research area can fall back on different expertise in the team.


Detailed support of the construction industry in selected areas by means of:

  • Optimization of process planning and site logistics planning
  • Improving construction management and site management
  • Performance estimation and cost estimation of construction equipment and construction processes
  • Prognosis of service requirements and costs in tunnel building and other underground structures
  • Increased efficiency in quality, safety and environmental protection
  • Leadership in - and contribution to - the development of constructional standards

Research focuses:

In the future, the research area construction operations and construction process engineering would like to focus on the following three areas:

  • Construction optimization

    • Construction data management
    • Construction performance indicators
    • Ecological construction site operation

  • Machine learning in construction
  • Digitization in tunnel construction

Expert support to the construction industry through the advising of clients, designers and construction companies about complex current issues affecting the construction process


Practice-oriented education via lectures, exercises and seminars at both bachelor (constructional engineering) and masters (constructional economics and geotechnics) levels.

The range of lectures includes:

  • Construction Process I + II

  • Construction Process Planing

  • Construction methods in building construction and TGA Basics

  • Construction methods in tunnels and other voids

  • Basics of Construction Process

  • International Construction Project Management

  • Sewer Rehabilitation

  • Seminar with field trips to construction sites

  • Safety and environmental protection on construction sites

  • The Future of Construction Processes

Visits to current large construction sites and international study tours help in the understanding of the construction process.


Research Area: Construction Process and Methods
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