Institut für Interdisziplinäres Bauprozessmanagement


Integral Construction Planning and Industrial Building

Integral construction planning and industrial building looks at the integrated design process as the key to truly sustainable building. We address the entire value chain of the object - from project development and design, via execution to operation and demolition - paying particular attention to the decisive influence of the initial stages of the design process. The key pre-requirement here is that architects and engineers work simultaneously and creatively together sharing a cultural communications basis.  It is our duty that this pre-requirement can be met..


In the context of the general requirements of the life cycle engineering of construction projects - and with special attention being paid to the effect of the design process - the department is primarily active in the following areas of research:

  • System solutions for production and logistics
  • Design processes for industrial and commercial buildings
  • Real estate development and facilities management

In this work we place a central focus on finding solutions which are economically, ecologically and socially sustainable.

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The goal of our teaching is to use the example of industrial building as the basis for a carefully structured multi-disciplinary explanation of the integrated design process.  We place great emphasis on a living combination of theoretical principles and examples from practice with lectures from tutors who are active in both areas. In addition to this we organise continuous design and construction exercises which aim to promote interdisciplinary cooperation between architects and engineers via the solving of concrete problems and train an iterative response to creative processes.

This winning project in the Steel Student Trophy 2008 resulted from the interdisciplinary cooperation between architecture and engineering students


Research Area: Industrial Building and Interdisciplinary Planning
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