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Integrated Planning (E234-02)

Integrated Planning and Industrial Building

The research area Integrated Planning and Industrial Building deals with integrated planning process as the key to an overall sustainable building. We do this along the entire real estate demolishing - with a special focus on the decisive influence of the early design stage. The teaching and research focus of the research department is on the one hand on interdisciplinary planning methods supported by Building Information Modelling (BIM) and on the other hand on the innovation of planning processes for industrial and commercial buildings.


The research activities focus on research-led teaching for the development of digital planning methods as well as project development and planning of industrial buildings, the development of digital platforms and tools for recycling management with BIM-based material building passes as well as simulation-based life cycle analysis for resource and energy efficiency in industrial construction. This is reflected in numerous research projects. The activities are also anchored in the Center for Geometry and Computational Design (CG/CD) as well as in the FWF special research area "Advanced Computational Design" at the Vienna University of Technology.

BIM for life-cycle


Our goal is to the transfer of innovation into education through the concept of research-led teaching, based on interdisciplinary, cross-faculty cooperation. Two teaching platforms build the foundation of research-led teaching:

Integrated BIM Design Lab, in which students, teachers and practitioners jointly simulate and test BIM-supported planning processes and further develop digital tools. 

Integrated BIM Design Lab, BIM_Port. Supervision: Prof. I. Kovacic, DI J. Reisinger, Mag. R. Suppin, DI L. Oberwinter, Dr. G. Hochrainer - Winning project VDI competition 2018: Fabian Pitscheder, Mark Aurel Evangeliste, Alexandra Kotecki, Stephan Loncsek

Concrete Student Trophy, the interdisciplinary design and construction exercise, which is held as a student competition with concrete tasks, strengthens the cooperation between students of civil engineering and architecture.

Concrete Student Trophy 2019: Winning project developed from the interdisciplinary cooperation of students of civil engineering and architecture (Students: J. Holl, M. Mihalik, P. Schwarz;Supervision: C.M. Achammer, J. Reisinger, W. Kölbl, E. Wieser)


Integrated Planning
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Industrial Building
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