Institut für Interdisziplinäres Bauprozessmanagement


Institute for Interdisciplinary Construction Process Management

The Institute for Interdisciplinary Construction Process Management of the Technical University Vienna consists of three distinct but related research areas.

IBPM overview 2020

Our Targets

  • To use applied research to contribute to the optimisation of the design and construction process.
  • To use attractive teaching methods to educate and encourage the next generation of building engineers.
  • To provide consultancy services of the highest quality as a means of supporting the building industry.

Our Research

  • We use research to develop practice-oriented solutions
  • We encourage our employees and research students to address relevant problems
  • We strive to carry out research of the highest level in our areas of expertise
  • We promote close contacts between industry and learning in the interests of the constant development of the construction industry

Our Teaching

  • We offer an education which is oriented towards the needs of industry and students and centred on high quality teaching
  • We make it possible for our students to develop their curriculum with the minimum of bureaucracy and maximum of focus within an appropriate timescale
  • We teach our students scientific methodologies for thinking and acting
  • We pursue multidisciplinary learning and encourage teamwork and interdisciplinary network thinking.
  • The numbers for the completed courses of the institute in the academic year 2019 can be found here:
Evaluation of the courses of 2019.

Research Areas